Loving being a key part of your Heyside FC Team? / Proud of your child giving everything to the sport he/she loves? Of course you are! So why not wear the HFC colours with pride?!

Working with Pendle Sportswear, we have a wide range of official Heyside Football Club products available at our shop.

Consider; Birthday gifts, Christmas presents or stocking fillers? Or maybe just a gift to say "well done, we are prod of you". What ever your reason, have a browse of our products below - Happy shopping and thanks for your support!

Club Sweatshirt.png

FROM £17.24

Club Hoodie.png

FROM £18.74

Club Polo Shirt.png

FROM £16.24

Club T-Shirt.png

FROM £13.74

We are working with Pendle to add more merchandise to our shop, so please do keep popping back.
All profits raised goes towards the maintenance of Heyside FC facilities and replenishment of essential football equipment. Thank you.